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Play the card matching game Concentration to earn Points and exchange them for exclusive prizes.

How To Play

Start by tapping the Play Concentration button.

You will start off with a total of 10 Stamina, 2 stamina will be used per play or you can use 10 Stamina at once for a x5 Points bonus.

Stamina will recover by 1 every 30 minutes, but Stamina Bentos can be used to recover 2 Stamina, or Super Stamina Bentos to recover 10 Stamina.


Points will be received based on the results of your Concentration game.

Flipping over all cards, except for Block Cards will earn you points.

Bonus points are given when you flip over all cards within a certain number of tries.

You can check the amount of Points you have collected in the Check Points screen.

Points will be used up when exchanged for prizes.

Block Cards

These cards will have clocks with x's over them.

Matching these cards will give a penalty of -10 seconds to the total play time, so avoid matching these cards if you can.


Playing within 3 hours of your last play will increase your Fever count, which is displayed in the form of 3 stars.

Once your Fever count reaches 3, Fever Mode will begin.

During Fever Mode, you will earn double Points and once it ends, your Fever count will reset back to 0.

If More than 3 hours passes since your last play, your Fever count will reset back to 0.

Past Concentration Prizes


No More Change (03/31/2019 ~ 06/30/2019)

Concert Performance Dress (12/25/2018 ~ 03/31/2019)


Red Carpet Debut (09/25/2018 ~ 12/31/2018)

Colosseum Warrior Woman (07/22/2018 ~ 09/30/2018)

Gardening Life (05/26/2018 ~ 07/31/2018)

Silver Screen Goddess (03/24/2018 ~ 05/31/2018)

Sweet Young Prince (01/26/2018 ~ 03/31/2018)

Warring Centaur (11/24/2017 ~ 01/31/2018)


Theme Park Cast Member (09/04/2017 ~ 11/30/2017)