Gachas are currently the only way to obtain new outfits (Excluding outfits obtained through Events, Login Bonuses and the Friend Invite Campaign.)

There are 4 Gachas you can play;

  • NP Gacha which requires either a gacha ticket or NP to play
  • Casual Gacha requires either shells or NP to play
  • Motion Gacha which has special animated items requires either NP or a special gacha ticket to play
  • Free Gacha has 1 free play per day and can normally be played for 300 shells

NP Gacha

This is a limited period Gacha that can be played for 30NP.

You will receive an outfit, accessory, hairtstyle or other outfit at random.

Casual Gacha

This is a very casual Gacha that can be played for 20NP.

You will receive outfits, accessories, hairstyles and other items at random.

The contents are much more casual than those of the NP Gacha.  However unlike the NP Gacha, you will receive multiple items per play.

MR Gacha

This Motion Rare exclusive Gacha can be played for 70NP.

  • For 72 hours after first starting the game, the MR Gacha can be played for 30NP.

You will receive an outfit at random.  

Every outfit in this gacha is a Motion Rare Body.

It is not possible to receive a duplicate outfit until all outfits have been received at least once.

Free Gacha

This Gacha can be played for just 300 Shells.

You will receive an outfit, accesorry, hairstyle, or other item at random.

Limited NP Gacha

These are special Gacha that come out for a limited period of time. The cost 30-50 NP per play (with duplicates) and 50-70 per play (without duplicates).

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