Group Rules

Group Creation

Anyone can create a Group once they reach level 10.

Maintaining a Group

In order for your Group to remain open, the following condition must be met.

  • At least 4 Group members must have logged into the game within 1 month.

Groups found not to be meeting this condition will have a message sent to their Leaders.

  • This condition does not apply to Groups within their first month of creation.
1st Message: Warning
2nd Message: Imminent Group Deletion Warning
3rd Message: Group Deletion Complete Notification

Leader & Subleader

The creator of a Group will automatically become its Leader.

Leaders hold the following powers unavailable to other Group members

  • Group deletion
  • Group application management
  • Group Leader/Subleader assignment
  • Group Comment editing
  • Group Points management

Subleaders hold the following powers.

  • Group application management
  • Group Comment editing
  • Group Points management

If a Leader leaves a Group, its Subleader will automatically become the new Leader. If no Subleader has been set, then the Group member who has donated the most Group Points will become the new Leader. If the Leader does not log in for two weeks, the Subleader will automatically become the new Leader.

Leaving & Deleting Groups

After leaving a Group, being removed from a Group or deleting a Group, you will not be able to create or join another Group for 72 hours.

Group Points

You can earn Group Points after joining a Group.

You can get Group Points randomly by completing everyday activities:

  • Work & Study
  • Recommendations
  • Talking with other Players' Girlfriends
  • Likes

The max amount of Group Points that can be earned a day is 10.

Group Points can be given to your Group in order to raise its level. Raising your Group's level will allow you to invite more members, as well as gain access to new Expansions.

You can have a total of ?? Members.

Level Members
1 10
2 10
3 15
4 20
5 30
6 40


Expansions are gradually unlocked as the Group Level is raised.

After unlocking new Expansions, they become available for purchase using Group Points.

The following are examples of available Expansions.

Group Icon

The Group must be at least level 2 and 200 Group Points are needed.

Icons can be changed freely after unlocking.


Group Work

The Group must be at least level 3 and 200 Group Points are needed.

Group Work is a special type of Work that all members in your group can take part in together.

The length of time will depend on the total number of Group members, and can be changed by Focusing together or using Timesavers. Once time reaches zero, all participating members will receive rewards for their efforts.


Reduce the total time by anywhere between 5 and 480 minutes at random.

  • Can only be done once per day.

Use Timesaver

Use any owned Timesavers to reduce the amount of time remaining.

  • Can only be done twice per day.

You may sometimes receive Hair Coupons upon completing Group Work. These can be used at the Hair Stylist to purchase new hairstyles.


  • Only Group Members who took part in Group Work (by Focusing or using Time-Reduction Items) can receive this reward.

Group Study

The Group must be at least level 4 and 500 Group Points are needed.

When a group unlocks Group Study, they also get a Group Character which gains EXP from individual group members' own Girlfriend's studies.

If you are a part of a group that has unlocked Group Study, in addition to the regular EXP and trait changes earned from studying, you will start to gain Group Character EXP whenever you complete studying. Group Character EXP will go towards leveling up whichever personality you currently have your Group Character set on. Each group member can set their Group Character to their own choice of personality without affecting other group members.

Study Time Group Character EXP
0hr 05min1
0hr 10min1
0hr 30min1
1hr 00min1
2hr 00min2
4hr 00min4
8hr 00min9

The Group Character will start off with the Standard Personality, and gradually unlock more as she levels up. Each Group Member can set the Character's Personality to any one they like, and enjoy conversations not available anywhere else in-game. The Group Character's appearance will change based off of whatever Personality you choose for her.


Standard Sweet Tomboy Friendly
Standard Group Personality
Sweet Group Personality
Tomboy Group Personality
Friendly Group Personality

Group leaders can also unlock extra backgrounds and beds for the Group Character by spending group points. Once unlocked, each member can customize the Group Character as they like without affecting other members' choices.

Group Study Rooms

Messy Room Japanese Room Garden View Room Grown-Up Room
Messy Room Group Study
Japanese Room Group Study
Garden View Room Group Study
Grown-Up Room Group Study

Group Study Pets

Chick Cat Dog
Chick Group Study
Cat Group Study
Dog Group Study

Take a Break

Studying too hard is never healthy, so it's a good idea to allow your Group Character to Take a Break once in a while. The amount of time the Character can Take a Break for will increase as she levels up. The character will even find and pick up items as she walks around Taking a Break. Each Group Member can use the Take a Break option separately without affecting other members, so feel free to use it as often as you'd like.

Group Closet

The Group must be at least level 5 and 500 Group Points are needed.

Gain the ability to share outfits up to R rarity with your Group Members.

You can increase the Group Closet Space by 10 for 100 Group Points. You can have a maximum of 1000 spaces.

Group Lookbook

The Group must be level 6 and 500 Group Points are needed.

It allows you to post comments with your Girlfriend's image attached, for all other members of the Group to see.

Extra slots can be added one at a time, up to a maximum of 50.

  • All slots are shared between all Group members.


Group Headers

Headers Conditions
Classroom Header

Classroom Header

Group Points Needed: 100
Pink Room Header

Pink Room Header

Group Points Needed: 200
Pop Star Header

Pop Star Header

Group Points Needed: 100

Level Needed: 2

Gothic Room Header

Gothic Room Header

Group Points Needed: 100

Level Needed: 2

My Room Header

My Room Header

Group Points Needed: 100

Level Needed: 3

Stately Home Morning Header

Stately Home Morning Header

Group Points Needed: 100

Level Needed: 4

Stately Home Night Header

Stately Home Night Header

Group Points Needed: 100

Level Needed: 4

White Room Header

White Room Header

Group Points Needed: 200

Level Needed: 3

Bar Header

Bar Header

Group Points Needed: 200

Level Needed: 4

Dinner Show Header

Dinner Show Header

Group Points Needed: 200

Level Needed: 4