Increase your Girlfriend's traits through Study and Practice to have her unlock whole new Personalities.

Your Girlfriend will behave and even speak entirely differently when you change her Personality.

Some Personalities have a level requirement, once you reach the Required Level, the Personality will be unlocked.

Trait limits can be expanded with Achievement Rewards or by reaching Personality Rank 90.


Kindness Naughtiness Grace Flamboyance Shyness Cheerfulness Intelligence Optimism Selfishness Courage Required Level
Standard Icon (1)
- - - - - - - - - - -
Friendly Icon (1)
5 20 - - - - - - - - -
Tomboy Icon (1)
50 - - - - 100 - - - - -
Gentle Icon (1)
100 - 100 - - - - - - - -
Pure Icon (1)
200 - - - - 300 - 500 - - 20
Intelligent Icon (1)
- - 2000 - 500 - 2500 - - - 20
Tsundere Icon (1)
- 1500 - - 500 - 800 - - - 20
Timid Icon (1)
500 - - - 1500 - - - - 1500 20
Sweet Icon (1)
800 - - - - - - 2000 4000 - 30
Yan Icon (1)
- 1900 - - 2300 - 1000 - 3000 400 30
Princess Icon (1)
- - 1000 2500 - - 1500 - 4000 - 50
Bossy Icon (1)
500 2000 3000 - - - 3500 - - - 60
Chuni Icon (1)
- 1500 - 2000 - 2000 - 2000 1500 - 60
Kuudere Icon (1)
2500 - 2000 - - - 2500 - - 2000 60

Note: Each trait can only be raised to a maximum of 5000.


On the day you entered as your Birthday, you get a special Scenario in which your Girlfriend wishes you a Happy Birthday. As a gift, she will give you a Rainbow Drink and 3 Gacha Tickets.

  • [Girlfriend]: Celebrations!
  • [Player]: Woah, you scared me... Celebrations? For what?
  • [Girlfriend]: You mean, you've forgotten...?
  • [Player]: Forgotten... Forgotten what...
  • [Girlfriend]: Here's a hint! Today is a very, very special day♪
  • [Player]: Special... Is there a sale on or something?
  • [Girlfriend]: No! Here's another hint, then... Today is a day for eating a delicious cake topped with candles.
  • [Player]: Candles... Oh! Wow. Yeah, I had completely forgotten after all.
  • [Girlfriend]: Huhu, not to worry! I'll always remember it for you.
  • [Player]: Really? You're so kind.
  • [Girlfriend]: Happy Birthday, [Player]! I really hope you enjoy yourself!
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player], congratulations!
  • [Player]: Oh, thanks! You really remembered...?
  • [Girlfriend]: Of course♪ It's the biggest event of the year, right?
  • [Player]: Haha, stop it, you're gonna make me blush...
  • [Girlfriend]: Really? I bet Momoka and Yui remembered too, y'know. Today's a day for the two of us though, don't you think?
  • [Player]: Oh really? You'll celebrate with me?
  • [Girlfriend]: It's your special day, of course I will! Unless... you don't want me too...?
  • [Player]: No, no! I was... really hoping you'd say that, actually.
  • [Girlfriend]: Yay♪ Ive already prepared a ton of food and, of course, a cake too! Let's eat!
  • [Player]: Thanks, [Girlfriend].
  • [Girlfriend]: Happy Birthday, [Player]! Let's make the most of it!
  • [Girlfriend]: Hey! I'll do whatever you say today!
  • [Player]: What? Really? W-Why...?
  • [Girlfriend]: It's your special day today, duh!
  • [Player]: Special day...? Oh wow! So it is.
  • [Girlfriend]: Wait, did you actually forget?! A special day like this...?!
  • [Player]: Haha, you're the one getting angry at me for forgetting? This feels backwards, really...
  • [Girlfriend]: What are you laughing about?! I've been preparing for like... forever!
  • [Player]: Wow, you have! That is a huge cake! It looks really good!
  • [Girlfriend]: Really?! I'm glad you think so! Momoka and the girls helped me make it!
  • [Player]: I haven't had this exciting a birthday in a while.
  • [Girlfriend]: Hehehe... Happy Birthday, [Player]~!
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, such a busy busy morning...
  • [Player]: What's the matter? I've never seen you so panicked...
  • [Girlfriend]: I have so much to do... cooking, baking...
  • [Player]: Really? Today? Why?
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, you haven't forgotten, have you?
  • [Player]: Erm... Ah! I know!
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu, your very special day, [Player]. I have to make it perfect♪
  • [Player]: You're celebrating for me? I'm so happy~!
  • [Girlfriend]: Happy Birthday, [Player]. Uhuhu, I'll try my best to grant your birthday wishes.
  • [Player]: Really? Well I have one already. I wish that you'll celebrate with me again next year, and the year after, again and again!
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, well, that much I can promise you, [Player]~! Forever and ever, uhuhu.
  • [Girlfriend]: Today is such an important day!
  • [Player]: Really? You do seem pretty excited.
  • [Girlfriend]: Have you forgotten what day it is today, [Player]...?
  • [Player]: Erm... Let's see... Is it the day you broke that vase one time?
  • [Girlfriend]: N-no it is not~! It is a much happier day than that~.
  • [Player]: A happy day... You don't mean...?
  • [Girlfriend]: Ah, have you remembered? Here is your cake~ ♪
  • [Player]: This cake is huge...! Is it really for me?
  • [Girlfriend]: Wait! I forgot something~!
  • [Player]: What is it?
  • [Girlfriend]: Umm... Happy Birthday, [Player]~!
  • [Girlfriend]: Birthday celebrations are in order, I see...
  • [Player]: You remembered, [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: Of course. I thought we might spend the day together, if it's okay with you?
  • [Player]: Really?! I'd love to! I was hoping you might say that.
  • [Girlfriend]: Fantastic. I shall get preparing right away, then.
  • [Player]: Do you want me to help you...?
  • [Girlfriend]: Absolutely not. Today is your day, [Player]. You should relax.
  • [Player]: Thanks... I still wanna help though, call it a birthday wish.
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Research shows I am obliged to accept. Let's bake the cake, then.
  • [Player]: Alright! Let's pack it full of fruits! You like fruits, right [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: You're so kind, [Player]... Thank you.
  • [Girlfriend]: Hey, [Player]... No going out today, okay?
  • [Player]: What? Why...? Did I do something wrong...?
  • [Girlfriend]: I-it's not that... It's just... Today is, y'know...
  • [Player]: Today...? What's today?
  • [Girlfriend]: Are you really that dim? How could you forget your own... your own...
  • [Player]: My own...? My own what...?
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player], you're not doing this on purpose, are you?!
  • [Player]: I'm not! I really have no idea what you're talking about.
  • [Girlfriend]: Honestly... F-fine, come closer... Closer...!
  • [Girlfriend]: It's... I mean... H-Happy Birthday, [Player]...
  • [Girlfriend]: U-um... Happy Birthday. You probably don't need this, but...
  • [Player]: Birthday? Ah! Oh my gosh! It's my birthday today!
  • [Girlfriend]: A-are you okay..? Today is your birthday, right...?
  • [Player]: Yes! Yeah, today's my birthday! I just forgot, that's all.
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, thank goodness! Then I'll say it again. Happy Birthday!
  • [Player]: Thank you! Ah, is this for me? What could it be~?
  • [Girlfriend]: Ohh... It's really nothing special.
  • [Player]: Wow! This amazing! I've been wanting this for ages~!
  • [Girlfriend]: Really? I'm so glad you like it~!
  • [Player]: Now, what should I give you in return~? How about this cake? ... Don't want it?
  • [Girlfriend]: ... I do. It looks really good...
  • [Girlfriend]: Happy~ Birthday~!!
  • [Player]: Haha, thanks.
  • [Girlfriend]: Nyu~, let's celebrate together~! I made lots and lots of cakes~!
  • [Player]: Wow, you really did... Why so many...?
  • [Girlfriend]: Momoka and Yui and all the girls helped me~!
  • [Player]: I see... so that must be why you have cream on your cheek there.
  • [Girlfriend]: Nyu~?! I did take a little bite of one or... a few~...
  • [Player]: Haha, that's okay. I've got some eating to do, huh. Gonna join me?
  • [Girlfriend]: Really~?! Yay~! I've got a present for you too~!
  • [Player]: A present too? You really didn't have to! Thank you, [Girlfriend]!
  • [Girlfriend]: Happy Happy Birthday~~!! I hope you have the best day ever~!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Huhuhu... [Player], today is a very special day, you know...
  • [Player]: A special day? Is it some kind of anniversary?
  • [Girlfriend]: You really don't remember...? Huhuhu... maybe this will help...
  • [Player]: A kn-knife?! What are you doing with...?! Why is it red...?!
  • [Girlfriend]: It's strawberry... from the cake I made... I cut so many strawberries, [Player]... so, so many...
  • [Player]: O-okay... Why did you make a cake...?
  • [Girlfriend]: Such a special day... Such a happy day... I'm so happy... so so so so so happy...
  • [Player]: I don't even--- Ah!
  • [Girlfriend]: I have something even more special for you later, [Player]... It's... still a secret... huhuhu...
  • [Player]: That's... scary. I'm so happy you remembered though, really.
  • [Girlfriend]: Happy Birthday, [Player]... huhu... huhuhuhuhu...
  • [Girlfriend]: Today is quite a special day indeed, [Player].
  • [Player]: Wow, you remembered [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: Hohoho, but of course! I've even prepared a feast, of sorts.
  • [Player]: Really? You made all this yourself?
  • [Girlfriend]: I certainly did! I had a little help from Miss Hiiro and her friends with the cake, though.
  • [Player]: Th-this is... I've never seen a cake so big... or so delicious-looking!
  • [Girlfriend]: Truly impressive, no? Feast well upon the fruits of my efforts, [Player].
  • [Player]: I will! Thanks!
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, also... What was it again... Miss Matsuyuki taught me...
  • [Player]: Hmm...?
  • [Girlfriend]: Ha-Happy... Birthday to you, [Player].
  • [Girlfriend]: Happy Birthday to you♪ Happy Birthday to you~♪
  • [Player]: Th-thanks... I totally forgot.
  • [Girlfriend]: Today, for one day only... I'll do anything you say, [Player]!
  • [Player]: Really? Anything...?!
  • [Girlfriend]: Huhu, you've gone bright red, how cute. What exactly are you picturing...?
  • [Player]: N-nothing..! I just... I want a cake!
  • [Girlfriend]: A super-delicious, extra-sweet cake, you mean? Already prepared one.
  • [Player]: Woah, that looks incredible! It must have been... pretty expensive...
  • [Girlfriend]: Hah! I'll take that as a compliment. I made this cake, [Player].
  • [Player]: You did?! That's incredible! Thanks, [Girlfriend]!
  • [Girlfriend]: Huhu... It's got a little kick to it though, I must admit. Go carefully, okay?
  • [Girlfriend]: Ku ku ku...! A fallen angel's come down to earth from the heavens, tonight!
  • [Player]: Ho-. Looks like the beginning to another epic story.
  • [Girlfriend]: Yes, indeed... Fue? Why are you acting like you're not a part of it?
  • [Player]: Huh? Well, there's no way I'd be able to beat a fallen angel.
  • [Girlfriend]: Nngg. This was supposed to... Be a special celebration... Of my birth.
  • [Player]: Wait, what? What did you say?
  • [Girlfriend]: Uggh! Today is my birthday! Ugg, waaahh! You jerk!
  • [Player]: Birthday? Oh my God, you're right! I'm so sorry! I completely forgot.
  • [Girlfriend]: I curse you! The next time you forget my birthday, you're in big trouble!
  • [Player]: I'm really sorry. Alright, how about we continue this ritual. That'll make you feel better.
  • [Girlfriend]: Kay. Fu wa ha ha ha! Let's continue! ...Let's... Let's hold hands.
  • [Girlfriend]: Umm... I don't know what to say... but Happy Birthday...
  • [Player]: Hm? Did something happen?
  • [Girlfriend]: What are you talking about? Today is your birthday, right, [Player]?
  • [Player]: Ah, you're right! I completely forget about that.
  • [Girlfriend]: Happy Birthday, [Player].
  • [Player]: Thanks~! So where's my present? How about a kis---
  • [Girlfriend]: O-oi! Don't get ahead of yourself! I already prepared a present for you.
  • [Player]: Aw, it's not a kiss...? Let me see. Ah, it's a cake!
  • [Girlfriend]: I don't know if you'll like it or not, but I made it for you.
  • [Player]: You made it just for me? Wow, I'm speechless! Thanks!
  • [Girlfriend]: I'm glad that made you happy. I plan on making many for you.

Personality Ranks

As you chat with your Girlfriend and raise her Affection level, her Personality Rank will also increase. Increasing her Personality Rank will unlock rewards such as Special Scenarios featuring you and your Girlfriend or items.

Rank Reward
Gacha Coupon

Gacha Coupon x3

10 Special Scenario
Rainbow Drink-0

Rainbow Drink x2

35 Special Scenario
50 Special Scenario
Gacha Ticket

Gacha Ticket x1

90 Special Scenario & Trait Limit Increased +500
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