Special Limited Campaigns where you may receive Limited or usable Items.

Past Campaigns

Halloween Trick Feature

Visit another Player's room while their Girlfriend is Studying, Practicing or Working and you will be able to choose between Trick or Advice buttons.

Using Trick will bring up Special Halloween conversations~!

Plus! Halloween conversations come with limited edition Halloween Candy avatars, too~!

There are 4 avatars in total to collect. [pics go here]

Colors are received at random. Colors may differ depending in the other Girlfriends Personality.

Tanabata Special

To celebrate the Japanese festival of Tanabata on July 7th, all Players received a 5-item avatar set.

Name Image Name


Name Image
Five Cards Of Tanabata Yellow
Tanabata Yellow
Five Cards Of Tanabata Black
Tanabata Black
Five Cards Of Tanabata Red
Tanabata Red
Five Cards Of Tanabata Blue
Tanabata Blue
Five Cards Of Tanabata White
Tanabata White

Omikuji Campaign

Omikuji Campaign

This is a Limited Period Campaign that allows you to check your New Year's Fortune.

You can play as many times as you'd like during the campaign period for 1000 Shells.

Along with a fortune, you may win either a Gacha Coupon or Gacha Ticket.


  • Omikuji results DO NOT influence whether you will receive a Gacha Coupon/Ticket or not.
  • Omikuji results DO NOT influence other aspects of the game.

Create Mode

Create Mode was first introduced as an April Fools prank, but it is occasionally made available to play.

You can freely draw whatever you like in Create Mode, however it is not possible to save your Create Mode works in-game so be sure to take screenshots if you'd like to save your work.

Create Mode