Working will earn Shells and Player EXP.

Time Savers can be used to reduce the amount of time spent working.

If your Girlfriend receives Advice from another Player while she is working, she will gain bonus effects from her work upon completion.


  • Friends will give 20% Advice, while random Visitors will only give 10%.
  • Advice expires after an hour.

Regular Work

Regular work does not require any specific personalities and is always available. You can choose the length of time she will work for.

Time Shells EXP
0hr 05min82
0hr 10min185
0hr 30min5815
1hr 00min12030
2hr 00min24260
4hr 00min486120
8hr 00min974240

Special Work

Special work is only available to Girlfriends with specific Personalities. Through special work you will receive far more EXP and Shells than regular work, as well as the possibility of receiving a useful item upon completion.

Special work is updated daily and is always 4 hours long.

(NOTE: Shells & EXP indicated is what is earned at 100% Advice. )

Work Requirements Shells EXP
Park Cleaning (Earn a little more Shells than usual.)Friendly1300100
Dog Walking (Earn a little more EXP than usual.)Tomboy800150
Knitting School (Earn some more Shells than usual.)Gentle1500120
Gardening (Earn some more EXP than usual.)Pure1000180
Library Work (Trait needed for Personality target increased.)Intelligent100080
Cooking School (Receive a random item on completion.)Tsundere800100
Pet Sitter (Chance to earn more Shells and EXP than usual, but also a chance to receive less.)TimidVariesVaries
Modeling (Earn a lot more EXP than usual.)Sweet1300220
Fortune-Telling (Earn a lot more EXP than usual.)Yandere1300220
Jewelry Store (Earn a lot more Shells than usual.)Princess2000200
Director (Earn a lot more Shells than usual.)Bossy2000200
Magic Supplier (Earn a Trait Treat UP or Trait Treat Down upon completion.)Chunibyo1200200
Rainbow Academy Professor (Get Affection Chocolate after Work ends.)Kuudere600200

Daily Limited Work

Once per day, a Daily Limited Work option will become available.

Limited Work is only 30 minutes long and offers greater rewards. As well as receiving Shells and EXP, you may also receive Trait boosts towards your set Target Personality.


  • Cancelling this Work will lose any rewards and you will not be able to restart it for that day.
  • Trait points received will vary.
  • Only 150 EXP is gained.

Working Together

A pair of girlfriends with maxed out Pal Gauges can work together. This provides a bonus of 20% extra Shells and EXP to regular work.

Time Shells EXP
0hr 05min20?
0hr 10min44?
0hr 30min140?
1hr 00min288?
2hr 00min581?
4hr 00min1176?
8hr 00min2338?

Girlfriends can also perform Special Work together, but only if one Girlfriend has the required Personality Types.

(Note: The Girlfriend that has the required Personality Type set will receive x1.2 Shells more than the Girlfriend who does not.)


Only one instance of Pal Points is rewarded upon completion as opposed to two when girls work separately. For example, working together for 2 hours will give you 2 pal points, but having both girls work separately for 2 hours will give you 4 pal points in total.

Sleep Effects

Sound Sleep

If you allow your Girlfriend to sleep for 4 hours, she will enter the Sound Sleep state. Upon waking her up, you will receive an effect of x1.2 Shells bonus. This effect will wear off after 6 hours.

Perfect Sleep

If you allow your Girlfriend to sleep for 8 hours, she will enter the Perfect Sleep state. Upon waking her up, you will receive an effect of x1.5 Shells bonus. This effect will wear off after 12 hours.